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S5, E1: Autonomous Vehicles | Tell it like it is

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Transcript of interview between Manisha Kadagathur (MK) and Saurabh Chandra (SC)

Intro: Hey there, this is Manisha Kadagathur, Partner at Zephyr Consulting Services, and your host. Hope the new year has started well for you.

My guest is Saurabh Chandra, co-founder of Ati Motors, one of the coolest startups in India that makes autonomous cargo vehicles based in Bangalore. Cool for many reasons, not the least for an unusual team of co-founders, the youngest of whom was barely a teen when he joined. Club that with using tech like AI/ML, power electronics, control systems, mechanical engineering, system software and electronic hardware, and it makes the whole enterprise unique. Saurabh makes it a point to mention that their startup is located opposite Sir C.V. Raman’s house and is a second time entrepreneur, engineering geek, self-confessed cloud guy, podcaster, and holds an opinion on many topics including public policy. He holds an engineering degree from IIT, BHU Varanasi.

As you will see over our conversation, a strong purpose, and relentless focus on solving for problems a.k.a performance in the Indian context are two key themes that emerge.

With COVID-19 lockdowns putting the focus on safety, and the lack of domestic help, the use of home robots, dishwashers has gone up multi-fold in cities. So, I began right there before we branched off into discussing the tech, backstory, role of serendipity, use cases and unique Indian challenges.

You can listen to the episode

or download a transcript.

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